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Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC
WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493
YSF: “US MNWis RDNT”, #21,493

Category: Hotspots


It has really been bugging me. I’ve never been able to get a 0.96″ OLED to work on my Pi-star hotspots. The 1.3″ works okay. Why not the 0.96″. Here’s why: The 1.3″ screen uses the SSD1306 controller. Adafruit uses this controller on all their OLED screens. The (cheap) Chineese OLED screens use an older SSD1106 controller. Raspberry Pi uses the Adafruit OLED driver software, so Pi-star does also. Naturally Adafruit has no desire to support the SSD1106 as they Read more…

A problem exits with YSF/MMDVM hotspots bridging to WiRES-X rooms. Here’s what happens. A user has a hotspot and accesses it using a Fusion HT. They use the WiRES-X control mode to change the hotspot to different YSF Reflectors. Let’s say the user wants to access MNWis (Room #21,493): They enter the number of the YSF Reflector, “US MNWis 21493”, which is 37,624. The hotspot switches to US MNWis 21493 which is bridged to WiRES-X Room # 21,493. The user Read more…

This program uses a DV4mini to monitor over-the-air Fusion signals and display the meta data (does not display voice, pictures, messages, etc.) This version of the program will output a record when a station keys up and then another record when the station unkeys. I’ve done this so that the user doesn’t get overwhelmed with all of the meta data that is produced. You’ll need to review the Yaesu Digital Communication Standards document to understand what the different fields mean. Read more…

MNWis has been available via hotspots since 31 July, 2016

FT2D Can Now Be Used As Mobile Node