WiRES-X Automation

Update: A corrected version of WXScheduler has been uploaded (15-Mar-2021)

Yaesu does not provide a mechanism that allows the WiRES-X software to be controlled by another program, i.e., having another program switch to a certain Room when a net starts.

Windows does, however, permit another program to send events to a program. Each window, menu item, and dialog in a Windows program has a unique identifier. It is possible to use these identifiers to send “message” to the WiRES-X software.

The WiRES-X Automation Project’s purpose is to bring together people who are interested in developing this technology and sharing their results.

To get things going, here are two mechanisms for automating WiRES-X:

1. AutoIT: http://www.autoitscript.com
2. Python – an excellent programming language found at python.org

Dave, N9TOW, provided the following information:

Packages I have installed on my WiresX system.
C:\Users\WiresX>pip list
comtypes (1.1.3)
pip (9.0.1)
pypiwin32 (220)
pywinauto (0.6.3)
setuptools (28.8.0)
six (1.10.0)

To install

pip install -U pywinauto

Script that executes changing channels on WiresX app

import time
from pywinauto import Application
¬†app = Application().connect(path=”C:\Program Files (x86)\YAESUMUSEN\WIRES-X\wires-X.exe”)
app.WiresX.menu_select(“Connect(C)->Connect To(T)”)
dialogs = app.windows()

Python Program

Bill, W9LBR, developed a Python program that runs on the WiRES-X computer. This is from his description:

WXscheduler.pyw is a Python 3 program that automates certain aspects of
Wires-X Room/Node connections according to a userrdefined schedule.
To that end WXscheduler.pyw must be run on the same Windows PC
that hosts the Wires-X application controlling either an HRI-200 or
a USB connected radio that supports PDN operation.

Schedulable operations:
– Connect
– Disconnect
– SetUnlimitedTOT
– SetTimeoutTOT
– Restart Wires-X App

Manual operation: Button that causes a Force Disconnect

Bonus operation: Displays Last Heard information that the Wires-X app
updates once a minute. Converting Lat/Lon into Grid Square if available.

A zip file containing instructions and the Python program is available at WXScheduler. (Corrected 15-Mar-2021)