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I’m selling off some Amateur Radio equipment listed on this page. If you are anywhere near Ham Lake, MN we can conduct the transaction in person which gives you the opportunity to try out the equipment before handing over any money. Otherwise we can Skype of Facetime to show the equipment working.

All equipment on this page is working and in good condition. I want you to be happy with it! If for some reason it doesn’t meet your needs or if there’s a problem, we’ll work something out. But please check it out as soon as you get it to make sure everything’s okay.

Should you be interested, please let me know:
E-mail: chris at k9eq dot com
Phone: 612.819.5827 (Due to phone spam, leave a message if I don’t answer)


Yaesu FT-990 160-10 meters 100 watt HF rig.

Includes the AC power supply and 500 Hz CW filter options. It has the most current firmware.

Very nice wider range internal antenna tuner  that actually uses variable capacitors rather than relays.

Includes manual, official printed Yaesu service manual, MD-100 desk mic, and headset/mic w/foot switch.

Fully operational with no issues.

This is one rugged radio! It is a high-end full analog design similar to the FT-1000MP. The final transistors are rated at 250 watts output! I like that it has an internal power supply. It’s a bit heavy, but all you need is one handle and you have everything you need except for the antenna. It’s great for Field Day and other high RF environments. A Yaesu classic.


GAP Titan DX 80-10 Vertical Antenna with WARC bands SOLD

No radials required (it’s true). Really smokes 40 and 20 meters. Not so great on 30, but works. Total garbage on 80. So in reality it’s a great antenna on 40, 20, 17 which also performs well on 15, 12, and 10.

Includes the GAP tilt mount.


Heathkit SB-221 Linear Amplifier

Includes Harbach mods: Updated power supply/metering circuit, FET keying circuit (low current and low voltage), plate circuit (to minimize self-oscillation and provide coverage of WARC bands).

Wiried for 120V but may be wired for 240V.

Covers 10 meters along with 17 and 12.

Approx 800 watts carrier out (120V) or 1,000 carrier out (240V).

Includes original instruction manuals (both SB-220 and SB-221) along with additional information regarding the updates.

Includes PTT cable for Yaesu and Icom.

Tubes are in good shape.

$650 – local only due to weight

Ladder Line


This if from Radio City’s stock



$0.85/ft + $7.50/connector should you want them installed (PL-259 or N)

This is from Radio City’s stock.

LMR-400 Plenum SOLD

$1.15/ft + $7.50/connector

Plenum grade is required when running in commercial buildings or between fire barriers. This is heavy duty stuff.

This is from Radio City’s stock

Yaesu FTM-400DR

Recently serviced by Yaesu, main board replaced.

Includes original box and all accessories.


Icom ID-880H Dual Band D-Star Transceiver

Complete in box with all accessories including separation cable. Never used mobile.


VHF Node Amplifier

55 W VHF amplifier w/fan. Perfect for giving your node that extra “kick” while running the node radio on low power. Provided with performance specs and spectrum analyzer plot of output.


VHF Repeater Amplifier

GE Mastr II. 200 mW in for 100+W out. Continuous duty w/o fan but two fans are recommended (one on internals and one on heatsink).

Provided with performance curves and spectrum analyzer plot of output.

$225 – this amplifier is heavy, so local is preferred. Please allow two weeks to configure amp.

UHF Repeater Amplifier

200 Watt Henry amplifier. ~5 watts input produces 200 watts output. Continuous duty. Requires 40 amp power supply.

Provided with performance curves and spectrum analyzer plot of output.

$600 Please allow two weeks to configure amp.

UHF Repeater Amplifier

5 watts input for 100 watts output. Custom construction on large heatsink. Continuous duty.

Provided with performance curves and spectrum analyzer plot of output. Includes schematics and data.

$200 Please allow three weeks to configure amp.

Diamond X-500NA High Gain V/UHF Base Antenna SOLD

It has seen better days and is missing one of the radials, but it’s a good deal on what normally is a $200 antenna.



Dell D-600 Laptop SOLD

This is an old laptop – perfect for programming those even older Motorola radios.

Works fine with no issues. 2 GB RAM. Linux Mint installed.

Includes: Removable DVD drives (2), secondary hard drive, and original Dell disks should you wish to install Windows XP. Dell AC power adaptor and working battery.


Portable Power Supply

6.6 amp 13.8 VDC portable power supply (smaller than desktop supply) with Anderson Power Pole connectors and AC cord.


Dell 19″ Computer Monitor


Masts SOLD

Various mast sections (10′), assemblies (30′), and mounts.



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