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YSF Reflector Name Calculators


Big problem with YSF Reflectors bridged to WiRES-X Rooms. They are different numbers. So if you use a hotspot, you can’t use the same stored number with both the hotspot and WiRES-X. Also hotspot users can mess up bridge WiRES-X node connections if they don’t exit the WiRES-X control mode when they start talking through their hotspots.

The YSF Reflector numbers are calculated from the YSF Reflector name using a hash function. The first program lets you do determine the YSF Reflector number for a given YSF Reflector name. For example, click the link below and enter something like “AmericaLink” and you’ll get the AmericaLink YSF Reflector number.

But the WiRES-X Room number for AmericaLink is 21080. That’s where the second program comes into play. Select the 2nd program and enter “AmericaLink” along with the desired YSF Reflector number of 21080. The program will return a list of several names, any one of which result in a number of 21080. To test, copy one of the names from the web page and try it in the first program. (Spaces are important so don’t include any extra spaces or leave any out.)

Both programs open in a seperate browser tab so you can go back and forth between them.

YSF Reflectors

Calculate a YSF Reflector number from the YSF Reflector Name

Calculate YSF Reflector names given a base name and a desired reflector number

These above links go to an HTML interface to a Python program running on the HamOperator server.

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