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About was created to present a creative aspect to Amateur Radio. It is intended to covery a variety of subjects with a focus on learning, experimenting, teaching, trying, building, and failing. All in the interest of fun and development.

Your comments are appreciated.

Chris, K9EQ

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Latest Message: 2 days, 23 hours ago
  • AI5AI-Don : Chris, That test you wanted Felix and me to run, did not make any difference. Sorry!
  • K9EQ-Chris : 73
  • W4IOD/ODIS : GE All Gr8t Net 73 de W4IOD
  • KE8LQZ-Troy : without the additional cable?
  • KE8LQZ-Troy : With the FTM-400 in HRI mode in access mode should the 400 have local audio like in PDN mode?
  • W4IOD/ODIS : N0YQ you did it πŸ™‚
  • KB7SQS-Lance : YSF Has it's own server and is totally sperate from Wires-x. They have to be a bridge to talk to each other.
  • KE8LQZ-Troy : What is the difference between YSF and Fusion?
  • W4IOD/ODIS : N0YO yes you did. πŸ™‚
  • N0YQ : I fixed my callsign!
  • KE8LQZ : Ok, It just works differently then PDN mode.
  • K9EQ-Chris : N9MEC: Are you still at MDT?
  • W4IOD/ODIS : KE8LQZ you will get a detailed answer if you ask it on the net.
  • K9EQ-Chris : N9MEC: GE Nice to have you aboard!
  • W4IOD/ODIS : KE8LQZ The FTM 400 is controlled by the WiresX software on the CPU
  • K9EQ-Chris : KE8LQZ: ask your question on the air.
  • KE8LQZ : Why does the FTM-400 switch to VFO mode in Portable HRI mode when using Access point mode? I haven't ordered the SCU-40 cable kit yet.
  • W4IOD/ODIS : N1CDA GE Welcome
  • N1CDA : Hi. New HAM connecting to net for first time on repeater in Stoneham MA
  • ka0jum : Gary here in Deerwood,Mn
  • N9MEC : Hello Chris - Steve Glinski N9MEC, just got a Fusion radio and listening to you.
  • KE8LQZ : Good evening.
  • ka0jum : cool
  • ka0jum : hi
  • guest_4308 : hi
  • KB7SQS-Lance : As poor as the room runs that might answer that question.
  • K9EQ-Chris : Alabama link was running it. Guess they dropped it. I wonder why they don't want to run it themselves.
  • KB7SQS-Lance : America link is looking for someone to run their YSF bridge
  • W4IOD/ODIS : K9EQ believe me I understand. Grrr!!
  • ve3olb/Leonard : I did not get any audio from KE6GYD
  • K9EQ-Chris : The dashboard problem will only occur 5 hours/day. The 5 hours between midnight UTC and midnight CDT. Argh! Computers are such fun!
  • W4IOD/ODIS : K9EQ BTW US KENTUCKY YSF is connetced to MNWIS via my repeater being in the room.
  • W4IOD/ODIS : K9EQ I heard bug so I will stand down on the dashboard.
  • KB7SQS-Lance : Needs to look at the sound card
  • W4IOD/ODIS : K9EQ rgr that thx.
  • K9EQ-Chris : W4IOD: FYI, you can publish the US KENTUCKY dashboard. Every indication is that the server can handle it.
  • W4IOD/ODIS : K9EQ de W4IOD GE Chris k
  • W4IOD/ODIS : N4HZX de W4IOD GE Tom k
  • K9EQ-Chris : KB9L de K9EQ 599 MN Tnx fer FB contact 73
  • N8ASH : has all the answers
  • kb9l : k9eq de kb9l 599 illinois... lol
  • K9EQ-Chris : CQ DX
  • W4IOD/ODIS : OH MY!!!!
  • N5JLB-Jack : Good evening
  • N4HZX/Tom : GE Odis!
  • W4IOD/ODIS : GE All
  • W4IOD/ODIS : GE Evryone
  • ve3olb/Leonard : I would like to connect my node to the local clubs DR-2X Fusion repeater but the repeater manage says he would only do it with the repeater in low power. Would it burn out the repeater if it is run in high power?
  • N4HZX/Tom : GE
  • kb9l : Giving it a try
  • ve3olb : good evening all
  • N8ASH : Good Evening
  • AlphaDeltaZeroMikeIn : greetings and salutations
  • AI5AI : Hello
  • KD9LUE : Nice feature
  • N0YQ : Good Evening
  • VA3PPY : Supposedly to use the Icom you keep it in analog mode narrow FM.
  • AB8DT : ID-5100 has two vocoders and FTM-400 has one
  • K9EQ : Please change your computer-assigned name to your callsign.
  • guest_6402 : Did not think so
  • KB7SQS-Lance : No crossbanding in C4FM
  • guest_6402 : Can a FTM 400 in cross band repeat mode, cross band repeat a C4FM signal? Apparently the Icom ID-5100 can do this in Dstar mode.
  • guest_6402 : Can a FTM 400 in cross band repeat mode, croos band repeat a C4FM signal?
  • AB8DT : Hi Chris and all
  • K9EQ : GE de K9EQ
  • guest_3231 : πŸ˜›
  • K9EQ : Test
  • guest_3422 : This is a test
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