The MNWis Fusion Technical Net is held Monday nights at 7:30 CST (0130 UTC Tuesday, 0030 UTC Summer time) in WiRES-X Room #21,493 and on the MNWIS repeaters. The net is also available via YSF “US MNWis”, #21,493. The net is open to anyone interested.

MNWis Live Data (Who’s on, who was on)

MNWis YSF Reflector Dashboard

List of all stations heard on MNWIS Jan 1, 2016 – Mar 6, 2017


MNWis Chat

Try the MNWis Chat Room during the net!


MNWis is bridged to YSF #21,493 at the Dayton repeater. (Whatever is on Dayton goes out over YSF.)

MNWis Repeaters


Repeater Frequency (FM) Location Notes*
W0MDT-MV 444.525+ (D025) Mounds View, MN 1
W0MDT-DAY 443.250+ (D023) Dayton, MN 1
W0MDT-PC 146.955- (146.2) Pine County, MN (Wide Area) 1
W0MDT-RF 147.225+ River Falls, WI 1
K9EQ 444.075 Mounds View, MN (D025) 1, 2
W0RRC 145.39+ (D047) Richfield, MN 3
N0JOL 443.975 (114.8) Isanti, MN 3
W0BU 444.300+ Burnsville, MN 3
W0MTA 145.075S Box Elder, SD 3
N7YO 449.500- Great Falls, MT 3
NS9RC 147.345+ Highland Park, IL 3
AB8DT 443.075+ Cedar Springs, MI 3
K9EQ-RPT 445.540- Escondido, CA 4
*1=Full time, *2=Connected to other networks, *3=Not operated by MNWis, may not be on MNWis *4=Moving to 448.860-, split between MNWis #21,493 and SoCalHam #21,042. Covers northern San Diego through southern San Clemente.