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Links to interesting stuff, in no particular order

Arduino and Stuff

Parts and Software:

Kits and QRP

(They seem to go together)  This is a really neat (and cheap) FT8/WSPR transceiver!
Kits for Kids (and big kids):

Who Knew?

Rent a fire tower lookout from the USFS Forest Service:


Fun Sites – interesting to browse

6 Meter stuff (mostly):


Power (to run radios)

LiIon batteries, solar panels, chargers – made in SoCal!
Battery University
Samlex America some of the best power supplies made. Also used extensively in remote communication systems. Please check out the DC-DC inverters – great for keeping a constant 13.8 V to your HF rig no matter what the battery voltage.



Solid state high power info and kits:


6, 2, and 0.07 meter antenna comaprison:
Loop Fed Array (LFA) the best antenna for 6 meters



Test and Simulate Serial Circuits:

Surface Mount



Digikey: (Fast, in MN):
Mouser: Good for RF parts plus everything else:
Element14: Raspberry Pi HQ:
Test equipment, component analyzers: Distributor:
Feed line and connectors:
Control head/mic cables:
Coax, connectors, etc.:

WSPR, FT8, WSJT-X, etc.

See Dimension 4 (below) for automatically setting your PC’s clock

Radio Propagation

Great site site to run V/UHF coverage plots for repeaters:
DX Maps
Solar Propagation:


Time (Useful stuff for WSJT too)

Verify computer time: (you need it to be right!)
Time setting tool:
Calculate UTC/Time Zones:


Raspberry Pi Universal GPIO:
Simulator for PDP-11 and others:

Radio History

Historic radios:
WEAU tower collapse:

Publication Archive

Free Ham Publications

Audio Processing / Analysis

Audio schematics, projects, and information:


Equipment Authorization Search:
Enter “Yaesu” for Applicant Name, select an appropriate date range, then select “Start Search”. Note that the “upper frequency” column represents the highest frequency the device can RECEIVE.
Looking for a new call sign?:

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