MNWis Fusion Technical Net
Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC
WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493
YSF: “US MNWis RDNT”, #21,493



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Updates and Information

Interesting article on decrypting and examining the FT-70D firmware. Same techniques would apply to any of the radios. Article also links to one on the FT1DR that goes into the various tools for the Renesas microprocessor that Yaesu uses.

The DR-2X is available for sale. The sale lasts from 15 Nov 2021 through 31 March 2022. $700 for the non-IMRS version and $900 for the IMRS version. Restrictions apply. DR2X purchase application.

FT5DR 1.10 update to main firmware: separate Bluetooth & speaker volume and other fixes. See the Firmware and Software Versions and the Fusion Identification Cheat Sheet on the Fusion Help page.

IMRS: Having problems with connections dropping. Firmware 1.4.4 is available privately. See the Firmware and Software Versions and the Fusion Identification Cheat Sheet on the Fusion Help page.

Audio from the nets is now being recorded and is available on the MNWis Net page.

2nd Edition of WiRES-X, The Bible available for review.

BARS sponsors a Fusion Technical Net held Monday’s  at 7:30 PM Central Time (0030 Tuesday UTC Daylight time) in Room #21493 and YSF #21,493 as well as a number of Fusion Repeaters. Everyone is welcome!

Latest Videos: Experiments with a DJI drone (aircraft). My, what fun. Ham Radio bit: It uses a 4 mbps 5.7 GHz link running 1 watt! YouTube Link (Please subscribe. If I get 100 subscribers I can get a URL that’s easier to remember than Thanks!)

Fusion Help – help and tip sheets, technical information, and other Fusion resources. (Link to old page)

Yaesu Fusion Blog – Hints and help from your first Fusion contact to installing and operating a Fusion repeater. This blog presents to the experiences of over 20 Hams who operate Yaesu Fusion equipment. (Link to old blog)

MNWis now has a Chat Function. Try using this during the net!

Looking for links to interesting pages. Try the links page HamOperator->Links

All sorts of fun and interesting links posted.

Mobile Digital updates for WiRES-X and FTM-1/400

Use an FT2D for Mobile Digital operation

We now have OLD STUFF

MNWIS Real-Time Reports Includes connected nodes, Last Heard and other information

Chuck’s Channels – Downloadable repeater frequencies for Minnesota and vicinity

List of Fusion Nets and connections

Recommended Fusion Simplex Frequencies

Good cheap HF antennas:  The K0ZE/K9EQ Antenna Shootout

Windows Tips and Troubleshooting (USB)

25-Mar-2016: How to set up Windows 7 and 10 for WiRES-X 24x7x365 remote operation on the Fusion Help page.

Tower Time Lapse Video – Taken at the MNWis Pine County repeater site


The Shopping Page has been updated with old stuff gone and new stuff added.

HF HamOperating

Icom AH-4 Universal Tuner. The Official K9EQ Unofficial Icom AH-4 Tuner Page. It’s not just about working all bands. It’s also about building practical, cheap, antennas that you can design and put together with stuff from Home Depot. Find out why 50 ohms and aluminum are evil. Did I mention cheap?

Other Stuff

Please refer to the BARS/W0MDT Mission Statement. This mission statement applies to all activities including the Fusion Net, and Hams in the Park. We humbly suggest that other organizations also establish their mission statement.

K9EQ’s Amateur Radio Rules. Sometimes we need rules. Sometimes we don’t. Do we need these rules? You decide! (Updated 27-Apr-2020)


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