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A Really Nice Power Station

I’ve had one of the power stations for some time now. It has a really good MPPT converter that extracts every watt out of the solar panels. You can turn on the AC output while you have solar power coming in and it provides an efficient source of solar AC. Buying these components separately is almost the cost of the power station. Internally it has a 268 Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which won’t burn your house down and can supply thousands of cycles. It also provides USB and USB-C power output as well as 12 VDC. Although I haven’t tested it, it should work as a UPS as well. It will provide AC output while it is plugged into AC and transfer to battery when the main input goes away. The display shows power input, output and remaining capacity. A bluetooth connection works well with my iPhone. An internal fan kicks in when high power is being used and sometimes during charging. It can charge at 150+ watts input AC or DC. For testing, I ran a water pump on the AC output. It consumed around 400 watts and the power station ran it just fine – which I wasn’t expecting. After all, this is a pump, not a radio!
The negatives: The internal battery is 22V, so the 12V output is from a DC-DC converter and is limited to 10A. So when operating SOTA or POTA it’s best to keep HF power under 50 watts. Also the USB-C doesn’t seem to coordinate well with some devices, delivering less power than it should. All in all I think you get quite a bit for the money. The reason I’m bringing this up is that there is currently a $90 off coupon. So be sure to check the check box!!! Normally the “standard” coupon is $60.
Here’s the Amazon link:
You may also be interested in the DC power output cable as it uses an uncommon circular connector. (I put some Anderson Power Poles on mine.) Also Solar panels.

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