MNWis Fusion Technical Net
Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC
WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493
YSF: “US MNWis RDNT”, #21,493

Author: K9EQ


These photos are courtesy W4IOD. They are presented in four parts, each of which is a PDF. Click the links below for each part. Photos Part 1.pdf Photos Part 2.pdf Photos Part 3.pdf Photos Part 4.pdf Views: 28

WXScheduler is a program that allows WiRES-X nodes to automatically switch to a Room or Node at a predetermined date and time. It’s written in Python, but we now have a Windows installer which does not require the installation of Python.  The installer is available here. The Github repository is here. If you experience problems, please use the Fusion Technical Net to report them (preferred), via Github issues, or email. Update 14 Feb 2024: Users that have OneDrive on their Read more…

You’re probably aware that turning your Yaesu Fusion radio on whilst holding down one or more buttons causes it to do different things. There’s a self-test on the FT1. The FTM-200 can display supply voltage. The FTM-500 can do cross-band repeat. Right now we have some handy Fusion cheats that work on the FTM-200, FTM-300, and FTM-500 with more to come. K9EQ_BB_FusionCheats Views: 562

If you want to set up an HRI-200 on Starlink, AT&T, or use you phone as a hotspot, there’s a problem. You need to open incoming ports and that can’t be done in many cases. The answer is to use a VPN to tunnel past your ISP to the raw Internet. One solution for some carriers is to use the PDN mode which does not require incoming ports to be open. But that may still not work. The other problem Read more…

I’ve had one of the power stations for some time now. It has a really good MPPT converter that extracts every watt out of the solar panels. You can turn on the AC output while you have solar power coming in and it provides an efficient source of solar AC. Buying these components separately is almost the cost of the power station. Internally it has a 268 Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which won’t burn your house down and can Read more…

See the attached file for supplemental information regarding the VX8, FT1, FT2, FT3, and FT5 series battery comparison discussed during the 13-Mar-2023 Fusion Technical Net. The discussion can be heard on the podcast Part One, Part Two. Link to the high current (and cheaper) CD-41 replacement desktop charger: The file has been updated for the 3-Apr-2023 Fusion Technical Net.   Views: 661

The other day I was working my Fusion repeater with my FT70D. Since I was “DX” I had the HT on high power. Although it looked like I was getting into the repeater just fine, I couldn’t enter the WiRES-X control mode. However when I switched to low power I WAS able to control the repeater. What gives? Why could I control the repeater (node) on high power, but not on low power? Back at the house where my repeater Read more…

Link Site Notes Verify the time settting on your computer. Essestial for HF digital modes. Tool to automatically and accurately set your computer time. Essential for digital modes. Calculate time zones. Outstanding and fun site for anything to do with dates and time. Views: 76

Site Purpose Notes About the WSJT software About the Author Home Page Source Code Running Moonbouce! Article WSPR kits and other cool stuff Montor WSPR signals around the world Set up the FT-991 to run digital modes. Date and Time Check here for tools to set your PC’s time. Essential for these modes. Views: 147

Photos show the waveform capture from an FT5 during a MNWis net. Note that they are not symmetrical around zero. The 2nd image has more detail and you can see that the waveforms are not symmetrical. The clipping sound is heard when the audio level hits the limits even though it is still not at 100%. Odd. Views: 245