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Category: Automation

Methods to automate operation of Fusion, WiRES-X, IMRS, and hotspot equipment.


WXScheduler is a program that allows WiRES-X nodes to automatically switch to a Room or Node at a predetermined date and time. It’s written in Python, but we now have a Windows installer which does not require the installation of Python.  The installer is available here. The Github repository is here. If you experience problems, please use the Fusion Technical Net to report them (preferred), via Github issues, or email. Update 14 Feb 2024: Users that have OneDrive on their Read more…

Yaesu does not provide a mechanism that allows the WiRES-X software to be controlled by another program, i.e., having another program switch to a certain Room when a net starts. Windows does, however, permit another program to send events to a program. Each window, menu item, and dialog in a Windows program has a unique identifier. It is possible to use these identifiers to send “message” to the WiRES-X software. The WiRES-X Automation Project’s purpose is to bring together people Read more…