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Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC
WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493
YSF: “US MNWis RDNT”, #21,493

Month: November 2022


I don’t know why Yaesu doesn’t make this public, but they don’t. You can download version 1.44 of the IMRS LAN firmware. This solves some problems with LAN connections constantly dropping. Last Updated on November 21, 2022 by K9EQ Views: 124

During the Monday Night Fusion Technical Net, a comment was made that it was possible to use an FT5D to receive C4FM on 29.250. This started a conversation about other HT’s as well. Thanks to W4IOD, AD0MI, N0PXT, and N0OQL, we now have the definitive answer for most of the Yaesu Fusion radios. Background Using 29.250 for C4FM has become popular as 10 meter conditions have improved significantly. The Yaesu FT-991(A) is the only radio that is capable of Tx Read more…