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Listen to 10 C4FM with an HT


During the Monday Night Fusion Technical Net, a comment was made that it was possible to use an FT5D to receive C4FM on 29.250. This started a conversation about other HT’s as well. Thanks to W4IOD, AD0MI, N0PXT, and N0OQL, we now have the definitive answer for most of the Yaesu Fusion radios.


Using 29.250 for C4FM has become popular as 10 meter conditions have improved significantly. The Yaesu FT-991(A) is the only radio that is capable of Tx and Rx on 10 meters as well as operating in Group Mode (GM). When the band is open, you may see or hear C4FM traffic on this frequency.

One way to check 10 meter band conditions is to tune AM down to the CB frequencies near 27.195 MHz. If you hear a lot of racket, then 10 is probably open.

The ‘A’ band must be used since the ‘B’ band on all radios cannot tune 10 meters.


Note that none of these radios can transmit on 29.250. In addition if 29.250 works, then six meters will work as well.

The following radios cannot receive 29.250 MHz since they don’t tune down that low, bummer:

Mobile Radios: FTM-100, FTM-200, FTM-300, FTM-400, FTM-3200, FTM-3207, FTM-7250

HT’s: FT-70D

The following HT’s tune 29.250 and DECODE C4FM (show callsign and switch between DN/VW)* but do not provide audio:

FT-1D (US version), FT-2D, and maybe FT-3D

*Must be set to Rx DN or VW.

The following HT’s will receive C4FM on 29.250 but cannot engage GM. GM is handy for seeing the callsigns of stations that are beaconing.

FT-1D (Japan version) Interesting! Maybe the JP versions of other HT’s will do this as well.

The FT1D and FT2D can enter GM using the following process:

  1. Enter 29.250 on the A side.
  2. Enable both A and B if both sides are not enabled.
  3. Switch to the B side.
  4. Press the GM key.

The following HT’s can receive 29.250 and can enter GM. Note that they display the GM information but do not beacon:


Bottom line

The FT-5D has more C4FM capability since it allows reception wherever it tunes while other radios do not.

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