MNWis Fusion Technical Net
Monday Night 7:30 PM Central 0030 UTC
WiRES-X: MNWis #21,493
YSF: “US MNWis RDNT”, #21,493



The MNWis Fusion Technical Net is held Monday nights at 7:30 CST (0130 UTC Tuesday, 0030 UTC Summer time) in WiRES-X Room #21,493 and on the MNWIS repeaters. The net is also available via YSF “US MNWis”, #21,493. The net is open to anyone interested.

MNWis Live Data (Who’s on, who was on)

MNWis YSF Reflector Dashboard

List of all stations heard on MNWIS Jan 1, 2016 – Mar 6, 2017


MNWis Chat

Try the MNWis Chat Room during the net!

Online Streaming

Note that online streaming has been discontinued. Low usage did not justify continuing it. As digital gains popularity over FM and there are more ways to connect, such as using hotspots or PDN, it was judged that the service was no longer needed.


MNWis is bridged to YSF #21,493 at the Dayton repeater. (Whatever is on Dayton goes out over YSF.)

MNWis Repeaters


RepeaterFrequency (FM)LocationNotes*
W0MDT-MV444.525+ (D025)Mounds View, MN1
W0MDT-DAY443.250+ (D023)Dayton, MN1
W0MDT-PC146.955- (146.2)Pine County, MN (Wide Area)1
W0MDT-RF147.225+River Falls, WI1
K9EQ444.075Mounds View, MN (D025)1, 2
W0RRC145.39+ (D047)Richfield, MN3
N0JOL443.975 (114.8)Isanti, MN3
W0BU443.300+Burnsville, MN3
W0MTA145.075SBox Elder, SD3
N7YO449.500-Great Falls, MT3
NS9RC147.345+Highland Park, IL3
AB8DT443.075+Cedar Springs, MI3
*1=Full time, *2=Connected to other networks, *3=Not operated by MNWis, may not be on MNWis

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