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Tag: Power Output


If you are experiencing low or no power output…..   1. Replacing a blown final does not necessarily fix the problem that caused the blown final. Never replace a blown final in anything where you haven’t gone through and figured out if there was a reason the final blew. These are very rugged transistors that should last a very long time.   2. Some failures are related to heat, most are not. The DR repeaters have excellent cooling. Unless the Read more…

The DR repeaters are calibrated in the middle of the band. For UHF that is 440.000 MHz. You may want to check the power output at that frequency as you are operating right at the band edge. While you’re at it, measure the Tx current. At the lower power output the current should be lower, otherwise it could indicate a problem. Under no circumstances should the Tx current be above 10 amps (I recommend a 10 amp fuse in the Read more…